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pad thai is a delicious example of Thai cuisine
Welcome to PadThai Kitchen!

Pad Thai, ผัดไทย, literally means Thai style stir fry. "Pad" is used to begin terms that describe stir fried foods, and the Thai part of that ... well that's pretty obvious!

According to popular legend Pad Thai became a famous local dish during World War II when the Prime Minister, Luang Phibunsongkram made this dish a focus of a generation of Thai.This Pad Thai promotion served two purposes. First it enabled a central and beloved food of Thailand to be the instrument to bring the Thai people together in a time when increasing nationalism seemed to be prudent. And secondly promoting Pad Thai consumption reduced the demand for rice, during a wartime period of conservation and tight budgets.

Pad Thai also got a boost in popularity in the 1980's and 1990's when Thai expatriates began modifying the traditional recipes in order to sell to "farangs" foreigners. Restauranteurs in the United States and Europe began serving a heavier, more saucy version with great success. This adaptation accounts for some part of the tremendous success Thai restaurants have had making inroads into many Western countries in recent decades.

Pad Thai in Bangkok is street food - that means it can be found in many places and it's delicious! Vendors compete and usually cook their unique recipe that has been refined for years. It is said of Thailand that there is a curry for every day of the year, and a PadThai for every cook in Thailand. To be thought of as a national food is really quite an honor when the nation is Thailand. This culture loves its food, and has a wealth of cuisine that rivals any on earth!